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How I turned into a Marketing Junkie

As I venture deeper into this world of marketing I have come to realize that not only does it permeate industries and media but also cultures, emotions, and even time. Marketers have the unique ability to create an alternate reality of perception, often disrupting the status quo, just to offer a sweet escape with the protagonist. We are the ones who dream dreams for others.
I am a marketing junkie. And this is my story.
It was in mid-2001 on a nice summer day. I boarded the 6:21 am local for a 45-minute journey to my college all the way in Wadala. It was my first independent train journey without my parents. A spectacular solo journey in the lifeline of the city while watching a new day begin is a memory that imprints for a lifetime. But when feeling the wind in my hair and the warmth of a new day’s sun on my face, little did I know about how this journey would impact me for the rest of my life.
I was beginning my graduation in BMS (Bachelor in Management Studies) and it was the first ti…

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