About Me

Hi. I'm Preeti. A marketer, digital enthusiast, traveler, bibliophile, ideator, foodie and newbie blogger.

It's a wonderful thing to document and record all of one's passions. It gives a shape and form to one's experiences, imaginings, and musings. Harnessing creativity and unleashing ideas.

the "Preeti Effect" is my space to think aloud about marketing adventured, digital musings, wanderlust, books, stories, and food. 

My Magic Ingredients are:
  • 4 cups Branding
  • 2 cups Digital Marketing
  • 1 cup Hungry Learner
  • 1 tbsp Essence of Foodie
  • 2 tsp Vacationeer
  • A dash of Time Travel
  • A pinch of Eccentricity
I have an effect that just cannot be missed.

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