Bibliographic Dreams

Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash

It's the memory of the story that lives on. The letters like drops and words like waves spread across the pages like an ocean. And I, the explorer, sailing through the tides and living through the adventure, the highs and lows of emotions and the human condition. 
I credit my passion for reading to several people.

A schoolmate and longtime friend who was an avid fan of Nancy Drew mysteries. A movie partner friend and fellow bibliophile who desperately tried (and succeeded) to awake the sleeping book addict in me. A college professor responsible for kick-starting this habit with an extensive reading list that had to be completed in a very short span of time. My uncle and mom for setting an example for reading all through my childhood. And finally, the rare opportunities to watch TV at a specific period in my life.

I remember setting myself a goal of '100 books in 1 year' and achieving it in a little over a year. I still maintain that list to boost my confidence and remind me of that sense of achievement. 

I have bought so many books over the years, right from stores to Amazon & Flipkart to the roadside stalls & traffic signals to Raddi Paper Marts and the occasional gifts. I've gifted some, and, to my utter annoyance, been robbed of some. 

Like any good adventurer, I believe I must record my journeys and travels through exotic lands, time, ideas, facts, fiction, and everything in between in this here blog of mine.