The Pace of Consistency in Marketing

It is always expected that we churn out new ideas at a regular pace. It is a given that the pace must pick up with time. As enlisted in ‘Perceive the Pattern’, the to-do list stretches into eternity. Today’s marketing manager is expected to shine as brilliantly as the Sun.

I still remember a time when the best practice for posting on Facebook was once a week. It then went on to twice, thrice and now - multiple times a day. Sure, you will find several resources and studies that say that it should be more frequent or less frequent. But the fact remains that you have to consistently churn out new stuff to engage the customers.

So I have become resourceful and I am gaining on the competition

I focus my attention on the next challenge: Being Consistent.

What does it take to keep this consistency alive? How do we “Create.Post.Report. Repeat.” all the time?

Consistency is not unlike a marriage. Consistency is the commitment. A commitment that builds interest, trust and loyalty over time.

There are times when we have to execute time-bound, intense campaigns. But a long-term strategy that revolves around consistent communication will ensure we are not forgotten.

But how can one remain consistent and interesting every time?

Adapt to new situations. In the ‘trending’ age, it is important to keep up or the customer will get bored of us and move on. So, we have to adapt to new trends, new habits, new emotions and new everything when it comes to the customer.

Listen to problems and offer to solve them. Something about listening to complaints is a total put off. But it has to be done for two reasons. One - we need to appease the customer by solving their problems. Two - By listening to problems, we could pick up on cues to improve ourselves.

Evolve. Every Single Day. We are creatures of evolution. So it is only natural that we evolve for the ever-changing customer. If we don’t then we will be a fossil and, by that I mean, forgotten. We need to cope with new customer demands as well as new market situations.

When being consistent, the communication does not have to be perfect each time. It needs to be THERE and COMMUNICATE with the audience. Consistently making them fall in love with the brand each time. It has to say ‘I am here for you, always.’

Not unlike a marriage really.